Rachel RC Scott

March 10th, 2020

It took not one, but two sold out shows at Terminal 5 for New York City to become full of the musical amazingness of Chelsea Cutler, Alexander 23 and X Lovers – and it still was not enough! ....Article on The Honey Pop

It took not one, but two sold out shows at Terminal 5 for New York City to become full of the musical amazingness of Chelsea Cutler, Alexander 23 and X Lovers – and it still was not enough! X Lovers sweetening the night The night started off with X Lovers, a pop duo from Northern California. Consisting of London Jackson on guitar and vocals and his best friend, Jacob Ames, on the drums, X Lovers has been making music since the inception of their friendship in the fourth grade. In 2018, they were the first band signed to the newly partnered Visionary Records & RCA/Sony Music. X Lovers played a short, but oh-so-sweet set to open the show with a BANG! They played some of their new singles, including ‘Sweatshirt’ and ‘Colder When it Rains.’ The band also did a very impressive cover of Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘Unwritten.’ X Lovers also took the opportunity to sport their new merchandise: a bright orange sweatshirt with “VIRGIN” inscribed on the front. Alexander 23 serenaded the crowd Next up was the unforgettable Alexander 23, a songwriter and rising star from Chicago, IL. Inspired by his father’s musical abilities as a child, Alexander began learning to play a variety of instruments at a young age. While he spent many of his younger years playing in bands, Alexander decided to take the solo route to focus more on writing and producing his original tracks. His first debut single, ‘Dirty AF1s,’ was an instant success, getting millions of streams on music streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music. Alexander just released a video for his new single, ‘I Hate You So Much.’ Alexander 23 put on a fantastic show! Rocking through all his original acts, Alexander’s smooth voice sweetly serenaded the entire venue. His music incorporates elements of many different genres, but Alexander finds an incredible way to put his unique spin on these sounds. While all the elements of his tracks may include very different elements, each one has a very trademark “Alexander 23” sound. On stage behind him, a giant glass heart with “Alexander 23” lit up with bright lights illuminated the entire stage. That heart is a fantastic symbol to describe Alexander: big, transparent, and full of love. Alexander wears his music on his sleeve; to know his music is to know him, which is the mark of a truly special artist. After X Lovers and Alexander 23 both finished their sets, the musicians took a trip to the pit, where they met with fans in the front row. They signed autographs, took selfies and gave bear hugs. Chelsea and her magnificent energy lit up the venue! Now, for the second-time, this sold-out venue was ready for the main event! Chelsea Cutler, a 23rd year old singer/songwriter form Connecticut, exploded onto the stage. In 2014, Chelsea started rising through the Soundcloud ranks with covers of her favorite songs. After catching the ear of many musicians, she started working as a featured artist with bigger artists such as Louis, The Child and Kygo. Chelsea signed with Republic Records in 2019, and recently released her debut album, How to be Human, earlier this year. The record reached #23 on the Billboard Top 40 charts, with her single ‘Sad Tonight’ playing on radio stations across the nation. Energy should be Chelsea’s middle name! There was not one moment where she wasn’t dancing, running around the stage, jamming on her guitar or playing her drum machine. Chelsea has an amazing voice, but she could have gotten away without singing a single lyric; everyone in attendance that night knew every lyric to every song, and they sang them at the top of their lungs. At one point, Chelsea just held up the microphone stand, and let the audience sing directly into the mic. Later in the show, Chelsea invited her friend Jeremy Zucker, and performed a couple numbers with him. She ended the show by bringing Alexander 23 back out to perform their top charting duet, ‘Lucky.’